Individual Therapy

Meet Jim

My goal is to create a safe place where you can talk about what’s most important to you. I am dedicated to helping you identify and explore all of your thoughts and feelings, at a pace that’s right for you.

 Individual Therapy

If you have problems you want help solving, individual therapy may be for you. Individual therapy can be for a variety of problems such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and alcoholism or addiction issues. Other problems for individual therapy could be: stress, anger, mood swings, despair, grief, loss and bereavement, guilt, childhood trauma and/or abuse, sexual issues, and work or relationship problems.

Your problems will be dealt with in a mutual and collaborative manner using an eclectic and pragmatic problem solving approach.

Maybe you are not having major problems, but just want to talk with someone who, as a sounding board and listener, will not be biased or judgmental. Perhaps you have an important decision to make, a life transition ahead, a recent major disappointment, or other matter you would like to explore and get feedback about. Individual therapy can be used for the above.

You may want to use individual therapy to explore yourself, your situation, your life, and your direction, taking stock in a safe place and caring relationship.