Marriage Couples Therapy

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My goal is to create a safe place where you can talk about what’s most important to you. I am dedicated to helping you identify and explore all of your thoughts and feelings, at a pace that’s right for you.

 Marriage and Couples Counseling

You probably know a few couples who been together for a long time and appear relatively happy and sadly you also probably know couples many which are no longer together. You may also know that recent research has shown that couples that take the time to repair the problems in their relationship tend to stay together longer, and be happier then those couples who do not repair the problems that develop in their relationship. You can see that communication and especially communication that helps couples identify and repair or solve problems in their relationship is a great tool for all couples to have. You can learn to develop, or increase an already developed, healthy communication between you and your partner. You can in couples counseling learn to identify, discuss, and solve problems that occur in the relationship; and more importantly learn tools that can be used outside of the counseling session to do ongoing repair work on the relationship in the future.

Often you will be given outside homework assignments that are designed to augment the couples counseling that occurs in the office. Sometimes the homework assignments are assignments that you do as a couple, and other times there are reading assignments that you do as individuals and then discuss as a couple. All the homework is designed to facilitate communication, problem solving, and repair of relationship problems as they develop.

Couples counseling can consist of married or unmarried couples, premarital counseling, coworkers, same-sex couples, friends, and team members.