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My goal is to create a safe place where you can talk about what’s most important to you. I am dedicated to helping you identify and explore all of your thoughts and feelings, at a pace that’s right for you.

What Is Photo and Media Therapy?

I have been doing phototherapy for several years, and have introduced phototherapy to other therapists. The feedback from other therapists has been exceedingly positive. Some therapists have used my protocol almost verbatim, while some therapists modify my protocol to fit their style.

A primary value of phototherapy is approaching familiar territory in a different manner. When the media is reviewed by the client and the therapist together - as they see and hear the session - it usually yields positive rewards. Let us look at a session I did with another therapist and his client.

For example, in the first phototherapy session, the client was unusually guarded. Later, the therapist told me his client had not been that active in previous therapy sessions. There was a breakthrough but not in the first phototherapy session.

In reviewing photos from the first session with his therapist, the client saw how guarded he was being. The client and his therapist discussed this and the therapist said from that day on the client became more open and much more positive in the therapy sessions.

Benefits of Photo and Media Therapy

Photo and Media Therapy Can:

  • Give you and your therapist new insight into your psychosocial history and issues.
  • Provide you a chance to hear and see yourself in the therapy session.
  • Give you a chance to review, with your therapist, the actual photos, videos, and audio from the session which often leads to more new discussion and insight.
  • All of the media (video, audio, photos) are made available for your own use.

    If You Already Have a Therapist

  • You can discuss with your therapist the possibility of doing photo therapy.
  • You can decide to use your therapist's office or mine.
  • Your therapist can decide to use my protocol or modify my protocol or develop their own.
  • Your therapist will control and lead the session and I will do the photography, video and audio taping.
  • You or your therapist can contact me for more information at no charge.

    For Therapists:

  • I can come to your office and do the phototherapy in your space.
  • I make the media available to you and your client.
  • Most sessions can be done in one hour and I bill using a superbill to the client at my usual rate for psychotherapy. The client then sends the superbill to their insurance.

    For more information, please call or email.

    Contact Jim at:
    503 307 7094