James Grant

Counseling Services

My mission is to help you and loved ones reach sobriety, happiness, creativity, and serenity. You will reach these goals by mindful listening, sharing ideas, discovering solutions and acknowledging your actions.


I offer a wide range of services from one on one traditional therapy, marriage/couples, family therapy, and group therapy to innovative techniques like interventions, phototherapy, and addiction assessments.

See a complete list of services here.


Individual, couples and family therapy is billed at $150 per hour. Group therapy is billed at $75 per hour. Interventions and phototherapy is billed at an hour and 1/2 ($225) per session. For insurance providers, I will give you a receipt for payment (Superbill) at each and every session. The Superbill has enough information on it to allow you to submit it to your insurance for reimbursement directly to you.

The superbill can also be downloaded here in pdf or word format.

I recommend that the first visit be for two hours and we will use the time to fully explore your concerns, and together develop an initial plan to deal with those concerns, and for you to decide if I'm the right person to help you.

  Counseling Services

 Intervention services for alcohol drug and other addictions

 Family Therapy

 Marriage or Couples Therapy

 Individual Therapy

 Group Therapy

 Assessments for alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions


 Recovery enhancement and relapse prevention groups

 Consultation, continuing education and supervision for professionals

 Cognitive therapy groups using Dr. Burn's "Feeling Good" materials

 "Amazing Aging" groups (Jungian focus)

 Men’s issues groups

 Codependency groups

 Adolescent groups